My Journey



Hello there! My name is Joy Nelson and this is my journey.

At 50 years old, after raising my two sons and daughter and seeing them established, God began a new chapter in my life:  teaching and serving Jesus in Burundi, Africa!

God is fulfilling a dream from my childhood–although the path that I was on during my adult life was looking like that dream would not reach fulfillment.  For 23 years, I was in a difficult marriage that ended in divorce. Surely God would not use someone as tainted as me to serve Him overseas!  But God has a way of using us despite our failings, if we are truly repentant, teachable and willing.

I lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) as a missionary kid for 2 1/2 years. God planted a love for Africa in me at that point.  As I have been growing in my walk with the Lord, I am learning how to follow His leading, and He is leading me to Burundi August of 2018!  If you would like to know more about the process God took me on, read my blog post titled: God’s Winding Path.

For those who don’t know where Burundi is, click below and look for the small red country!

Burundi, Africa

Burundi is a beautiful country that has had war and poverty for too long.  It is on an upward climb now, and I am excited to be a part of that!

I teach special education at Discovery School in the capital city of Bujumbura.  Surprisingly, my COUSIN Jesse and his wife Joy founded this Christian school, which caters to those who can’t afford a costly high quality education.

Discovery School in Burundi has a fantastic website for you to check out:

Discovery School

Jesse and Joy Johnson just formed the special education department last year, so I will be helping them with that. I am excited to be able to openly teach and share the Hope that I have found in Jesus, as well as help students who struggle with academics.

I also have a big heart for prayer, and know I will get involved with others in prayer groups when I get settled.  God just does that with me! I want to be used of Him however He sees fit. I can confidently say that Burundi is His mission for me.  And I say yes!